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Cool N Suda Iruka to be distributed in Challenge Festival Round 10 event

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Challenge Festival Round 10 // aug 20 - aug 31
↳Festival edition SRs Hoshizora Rin and Ayase Eli

Predictions for the new event! 

Eli/Rin are also the event cards in SIFAC right now, and with a similar theme too! Eli and Rin are festival buddies for sure ღ( ゝ◡╹)ノ♡

JP’s next event will be Challenge Festival Round 10, an 11 day µ’s event. The featured cards this time are “Festival” themed SRs Ayase Eli (Pure) and Hoshizora Rin (Cool). Rin’s card can be obtained by achieving certain event point values, but Eli’s can only be obtained through event ranking.

These cards share a theme with previous event SRs “Festival” Honoka, Kotori, Umi and Maki!

Sitting here crying because of how much I love my daughter Hanayo Koizumi…in other words, a normal friday night 

SIF’s Summer Campaign will start on August 20!

Limited Login Bonuses:

  • Period: Aug 21 to 27
    • Day 1: Love Gem x1
    • Day 2: Love Gem x1
    • Day 3: “Poo l Stage” Background
    • Day 4: Love Gem x1
    • Day 5: Love Gem x1
  • Period: Aug 28 to Sep 3
    • Day 1: Love Gem x1
    • Day 2: Love Gem x1
    • Day 3: “Sandy Beach” Background
    • Day 4: Love Gem x1
    • Day 5: Love Gem x1

Limited “SIF Summer Challenge” Goals:

Period: Aug 20 (16:00 JST) to Sep 3 (23:59 JST)


  • Clear goals by playing lives a certain number of times! The number of times depends on the goal.
  • After the specified date and time below, the next goal will be unlocked if you’ve cleared the previous one. (The first goal is available to everyone)
Goal release time/dates:

  1. Aug 20 at 16:00 JST
  2. Aug 23 at 0:00 JST
  3. Aug 26 at 0:00 JST
  4. Aug 29 at 0:00 JST
  5. Sep 1 at 0:00 JST
Total Number of Goal Clear Rewards:

  • Can be cle ared by clearing a specified number of “Summer Challenge Goals”
  • Reward Details:
    • Clear 3 “Summer Challenge Goals”: Love Gem x1
    • Clear 5 “Summer Challenge Goals”: “Beach” Background
    • Clear 10 “Summer Challenge Goals”: Seal x5
    • Clear 15 “Summer Challenge Goals”: Scouting Ticket x1

Our predictions this time!!

Smile N Sugisaki Aya added to JP Regular Student scouting

Tsushima Yoshiko Cool UR “渚の堕天使

Takami Chika Smile UR “おいでませ海の家!